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The Status Quo

The Status Quo Of Performers In Buffy

Joss Whedon directed the tv series buffy the vampire slayer in 1997 which is still very hot until now, because the plot is next to life and the cast is young and full of energy. buffy the vampire slayer dvd set is on sale, have you had one? Where are the performers now and how about them?

Sarah Michelle Gellar: The show’s chief ghoul kicker has gone on to become Mrs. Freddie Prinze Jr. and star in films as divergent as the minor suspense hit The Grudge and the unfathomable indie Southland Tales. Recently she was found from the article Sarah Michelle Gellar enjoys weekends.

онлайн курсы психодрама

Nicholas Brendon:

He played hapless slacker Xander Harris and continues to underachieve. He was last seen in the TV movie A Golden Christmas.

David Boreanaz: Buffy’s undead love interest was dreamy enough to get a spinoff of his own, Angel. Now he’s on one of the two dozen forensic crime dramas out there, Fox’s Bones.

Charisma Carpenter: She moved from Buffy to Angel, did a Playboy layout in 2004 and has popped up in Lifetime movies and shows such as Back to You and Charmed. You must see her in your discount dvd.

Alyson Hannigan:

Buffy’s goofy-cute sidekick was in the money machine known as the American Pie comedies and now is in the CBS hit How I Met Your Mother.

Anthony Stewart Head: “Watcher” Rupert Giles scored with sexy coffee commercials, but has stayed on the other side of the Pond for the most part. He plays King Uther Pendragon in the British series Merlin and reportedly will do a Buffy spinoff for the BBC called Ripper.

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