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“1984″, George Oruell

The novel of Oruella has been published in 1949 and it is considered one of the famous products in an anti-Utopia genre. More often the novel accused of immorality and blasphemy. Besides, critics spoke about inappropriate sexuality of the text. In the Soviet union the book has been forbidden till 1988. Critics noticed that the device of the totalitarian society described by Oruellom in “1984”, is borrowed from Soviet Union in Stalin’s dictatorship, and also Hitlerite Germany. For the description of a totalitarian system in the novel of Oruell became both a victim of censorship in the socialist countries, and object of criticism from the left circles in the West. But in 2009 newspaper The Times has included the novel “1984” in the list of 60 best books published for last 60 years, and magazine Newsweek has put the novel on the second place in the list of hundred best books of all times and the people.

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